Our Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people


PRESIDENT, CEO, Board member


President. Chief Executive Officer of HUBB Ventures- In addition to holding different executive positions at HUBB Ventures and HUBB UCS, Matto has amassed more than 30 years of experience in diversified sales engineering and business development services. Among the companies Matto has worked for include; AT&T, EarthLink, Hotwire and BellSouth, where he led a team that developed and deployed DSL, the first generation of residential Internet service.

Abdellatif Bedier

Abdellatif Bedier, President , HUBB UCS and Xcellence


Bedier brings with him years of sales, business development and Software Development experience in Cairo Egypt, Africa, the Middle East and the US. Bedier is an internationally recognized startup advisor and has focused on growing companies by advising them about advertising public relations, marketing and web development. He has been with company since its inception in 2016.


Chairman of the Board, Vice President of Investor Relations


Rafalowicz has more the 30 years of investment banking and financial advisory experience. He has served as CEO at SVEA Group SRL in Norway, Swedish Exchange Analyst AB in Sweden and Seamless Technology Inc. in Miami, FL

David Langle

CFO Chief Financial Officer


Langle has an extensive history as a Chief Financial Officer and other senior management roles for various publicly and privately held companies in the technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors. He has served as CFO for Seamless Technology Inc., Catenas Holdings Inc. and Workplace Outfitters Inc.

Spero Canton

Director of Corporate Communications for HUBB Ventures


is an Emmy Award winning TV news reporter, former Mayor, state lobbyist, chamber of commerce president, radio and TV field reporter, TV Talk show host, Adjunct College Professor and PR/Communications VP of major corporations. He has recently written a book for business and political leaders entitled Tap Dancing with the Media; Learning a Few New Steps on various ways to deal with both traditional and social media. Canton has been the PR voice for the introduction of major new technologies such as: Caller ID telephone service, high-speed cable internet and On Demand television. Canton has been working with HUBB Ventures since 2018