This endeavor began after survey information from the Small Business Administration, The Census Bureau and a host of other organizations revealed that most small businesses do not possess the right tools, at an affordable price in order to succeed.

The survey involved 3,300 participants and took place between 2015 and 2016 with a final report published in June of 2016. The research shows:

  • 400,000 new businesses are started every year in the United States. However, 470,000 are closing their doors, resulting in a net deficiency of approximately 70,000
  • 50% of businesses fail during their first year .
  • Close to 66% of small businesses will survive their first 2 years and about one-third of total businesses will fail during the 3rd year
  • A separate study done by Shikhar Ghosh, Professor of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at the Harvard Business School, concluded that three out of every four venture-backed firms fail

Using that information, HUBB UCS Founder Jose Matto formed a team of technical entrepreneurs to create HUBB’s unique Small Enterprise Resource Platform (SERP). The platform’s operating system offers a suite of technology tools through HUBB Unified Communications Systems (UCS). This unique structure serves as the foundation for multiple advanced customers relations tools.

HUBB UCS is customized to help small and medium size businesses with the applications they need to succeed and grow at a price all small businesses can afford. HUBB UCS was also designed to help with the lack of financial planning, which is a major reason business fail. The entire HUBB UCS platform has been created to allow small and medium size businesses the means to overcome inherent roadblocks and to provide technological services that will ensure successful business outcomes.