HUBB Ventures also applied its advanced technology model to the agriculture industry. HUBB Agro is focused on developing the economic, social and cultural ecosystem of regions and countries, by implementing Innovative Agricultural Models and products, that promote entrepreneurship and collaboration within its communities. This endeavors mantra is to empower society through sustainable farming.

Why? Each second, the world’s population grows by nearly three more people, that is 240 000 people a day. By 2025, the global population will reach 8 billion people and 9.6 billion by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

It is abundantly clear that the present mechanized agriculture model in today’s developed world cannot meet the food demands of tomorrow. HUBB Agro is the answer

HUBB Agro has established two subsidiaries; HUBB CBD, which provides product and manufacturing functions in the expanding CBD market; and HUBB Produce that introduces a revolutionary new system that significantly increases crop yields. Both enterprises employ a successful agricultural model that was designed, developed and constantly improved upon in Almeria, Spain. Through a new Green House infrastructure structure, we have introduced a proven technically sustainable agricultural model; the Almeria model. This new concept has already become the largest supplier of fresh vegetables and fruits for the European Union (EU). Today, almost 50% of the population across the EU eats a product grown and packed in the Almeria Green Houses each and every day

A foundation to this endeavor is to create new sources of revenue for participating communities. Based on a successful collaboration between private and public initiatives to develop the economy, our goal is to create two beneficial business opportunities:

  • Production and commercialization of agricultural products.
  • The expansion of auxiliary industries that support services for the new agro-business model.

HUBB Agro’s ongoing priority is the development of local communities, by offering them the opportunity to not only generate wealth through agriculture. Our plan accomplishes this goal by creating a network of new entrepreneurs who will create jobs, advance careers by developing managerial skills, and have the capacity to train low skilled employees. HUBB Agro is employing a proven model that will develop land that is underutilized, due to the lack of economic and cultural development, into a source of new revenue and employment growth in varied communities.]