is the first USA based corporation developing agricultural communities based on a new diverse Agro-business model outside the traditional agricultural food sectors

  • This model is based and adapted from a world wide recognized and successful agricultural model, designed, development and constantly improved in Almeria, Spain.
  • With the use of the very successful Green House infrastructure and technical sustainability model, Almeria has become in the first supplier of fresh vegetables and fruits for the UE. Almost 50% of the population across the UE (*), eats every day a product grown and packed in the Almeria Green Houses.

This project may open a new sources of revenue for the communities where it is executed. Based on a successful collaboration between Private and Public initiatives to develop the economy, we can create two business opportunities

  • Production and commercialization of agricultural products.
  • Auxiliary Industries to support services for the new agro-business model

HUBB Agro, always keeps in mind the development of the local communities, by offering them the opportunity to not just generate wealth through agriculture,, but a network of new entrepreneurs that will create jobs, train them in managerial skills, educate low skilled employees and will develop those areas , that need more attention to avoid its marginalization due to its lack of economic and cultural development