About us

The HUBB Evolution

HUBB Ventures was conceived after its founders participated in a survey that focused on the sustainability of small businesses and why so many fail. This research was accomplished through a collaboration with, the Census Organization, the Small Business Administration, Gartner Group, Forrester Research, Harvard Business School and CAMACOL (Latin American Chamber of Commerce of USA)/Hemispheric Congress Initiative.

The conclusion of the study stated that a majority of small businesses were unsuccessful due to a lack of access to the technological tools that large businesses employed as they were far too expensive for them to obtain. The cost of these systems were between $300-$5000 per month and were employed mostly by Fortune 500 Companies. HUBB saw that need and began to create varied application services. Back office features like accounting, ticketing, point of sales, project management, calendars, event planning and warehouse and shipping controls were offered to our customers. These were all tools used to streamlines business operations and evolved into the vertical services now being offer through HUBB BOSS. Through BOSS, we facilitate the transition most businesses need to make into offering an online presence. BOSS offers a suite of virtual services customized for specific business types.


is the first USA based corporation to develop agricultural communities based on a groundbreaking business model created in Europe and outside the traditional agricultural paradigm. The center of this business model is a greenhouse system that is unlike and more efficient from anything utilized in the US. By using a unique self-contained irrigation drainage system, a new fertilization formula and planting crops in a multi-layer hydroponic system, produce can be grown in self-contained environments. The plants are nourished, harvested and protected from disease through automated systems yielding greater productivity and resulting in greater per acre crop generation than traditional farming. Greenhouses are currently successfully being built and are in the process of producing high crop yields.

Xcellence Solutions

adds a group of customer website development solutions, digital marketing and advertising options to our array of business building tools. Among the services presented to our customers we offer: Website Development, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management and Online Advertising

Our Vision

As HUBB Ventures grows and expands, we will strive to provide affordable groundbreaking technologies for business owners and entrepreneurs thereby empowering them to thrive with greater potential and self-reliance. In the past, these technologies were difficult to obtain and their cost were prohibitive. Our focus is to devise and deploy cutting edge efficiencies to create unlimited opportunities, and new expansion possibilities for all, as the social fabric of the world evolves and becomes increasingly intertwined.