About us

The mental side as the ability to see

HUBB Ventures was conceived after its co-founder, Jose Matto, participated in a survey that focused on the sustainability of small businesses and why so many fails. This research was accomplished through the collaboration of the Census Organization, the Small Business Administration, Gartner Group, Forrester Research, Harvard Business School and CAMACOL (Latin American Chamber of Commerce of USA)/Hemispheric Congress Initiative.

The conclusion of the study stated that a majority of small businesses fail due to lack of access to technology tools and the correct application services because they were too expensive to obtain. The cost of these systems was between $300-$5000 per month and were employed mostly by Fortune 500 Companies. The survey acknowledged that a majority of successful businesses use a myriad of automated services that enable them to manage their customer relations and marketing service processes. These services are effectively employed from the pre-sale to post-sale stages of the operation. They rely on proactive processes that enable the company to scale and grow in an automated way without incurring additional expenses.

After HUBB UCS was formed, Matto and his associates visited a produce farm in Almeria, Spain. What he saw was a greenhouse system that was a paradigm shift in agricultural development. By using a unique self-contained irrigation drainage and fertilization system and planting crops in a multi-layer hydroponic system, produce can be grown in self-contained environments. The plants are harvested through technological systems yielding greater productivity and greater yield per acre than traditional farming. Matto, along with HUBB leadership, then formed HUBB Agro and became the first USA based corporation to develop agricultural communities based on a new diverse Agro-business model outside the traditional agricultural structure.


As HUBB Ventures grows and expands, we will strive to provide new groundbreaking technologies for small, medium and enterprise size business owners and entrepreneurs, which will allow them to thrive with greater potential and independence. In the past, these technologies were only affordable to large companies. Our focus is to devise and deploy cutting edge efficiencies to create unlimited opportunities, and new expansion possibilities for all as the social fabric of the world evolves and becomes increasingly intertwined.

HUBB Ventures is an American conglomerate headquartered in Miami, Florida and the parent company of HUBB UCS, HUBB Agro and Xcellence. HUBB Ventures’ portfolio includes several industries where cutting edge technological efficiencies are customized for small, medium, and enterprises size businesses in Technology, Agriculture, Energy, Investment Capital, and Real Estate sectors. HUBB Ventures is traded on the OTC Pink Sheet as HUBV.